Over 55 Living Options for Seniors With Chronic Illnesses

Most seniors will experience medical problems as they age. These issues have a significant impact on their proffered type of accommodation. For example, conditions such as arthritis or Parkinson's disease could affect the senior's mobility. The extract below explores some of the common accommodation options for seniors who experience medical problems. 

Aging at Place

It is an ideal option for seniors who do not wish to move out of their homes once they retire. If you have an underlying illness but still wish to stay at home, it would be wise that you hire a caregiver to offer nursing and housekeeping services. Although some of your family members can volunteers as caregivers, an experienced professional will customise the care package to suit your medical needs. It would also be worthwhile to consider renovations that increase your comfort while at home.

For example, you could install a medical alarm that alerts the caregiver or your loved ones of a medical emergency. Additionally, you could install rails and anti-slip mats. You could also increase the air quality of your home by installing high-tech ventilation systems. 

Nursing Homes

Senior nursing homes offer advanced and specialised medical care to their residents. Below are some tips to guide you when choosing a nursing home: 

  • Examine the accommodation options offered by the nursing home. For instance, some homes can allow you to live independently, while others encourage communal living in hostels.
  • Research the experience and speciality of medical personnel at the facility. Ideally, you want nursing homes specialising in your condition.
  • How do the current residents rate the facility? Visit the home and ask seniors what they enjoy about the facility and the challenges that they face. It ensures you are well aware of the services you will receive.
  • Check the terms of the facility. For example, can guests visit you at any time? Can you call your doctor for specialised care? What is the process of moving out of the facility?
  • Inquire how the nursing home deals with medical emergencies.

Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are an ideal choice who would want to live in luxury among other seniors. While these facilities are not designed to offer medical assistance to seniors, some villages will go the extra mile to ensure ailing residents live a dignified life. For example, some villages will have medical personnel on-site while others are conveniently located close to hospitals. You could also opt to take your caregiver to the retirement village. 

Regardless of your accommodation option, you should always conduct an assessment to establish a suitable alternative that guarantees quality care at an affordable cost. Contact over 55 living communities to learn more.